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Our Petal Hemmed sleeveless sundress & jacket set is made of the softest Rayon's like cotton jersey knit in Batik fabric. This sundress has a scoop neck both in the front and back. The strap is actually split into three separate straps. The generous hemline cut like a flower petal all the way around.

The coordinating jacket has a single tie in the front and sleeves which drape over your arms. The seam meets under the arm at the armpit making it comfortable for all shapes and sizes. The matching hemline is the same as that of the dress.

Batik fabric is created by hand by Bali artists, 8 yards at a time, by using a process of applying wax and dye, one color at a time, then drying in the sun. The process then repeats for each color.

Don't forget to coordinate this jacket with a matching shell and a pair of slacks or a skirt. There is no reason to wear it with just the dress! This set is versitile. Perfect for wearing during the day at the office with the jacket, or summer time fun with the dress alone. This dress can be worn year around, casual to career! It's not just for summertime, anymore.

Fabric Care: 100% Rayon, hand wash cycle, cold water, no bleach. HANG DRY! (disregard tag instructions!!)
1X/2X - 70" hips; 52" length 5X/6X - 84" hips; 54" length
3X/4X - 76" hips; 56" length 7X/8X - 98" hips; 58" length
All measurements are approximate.

Sizes or colors not shown in the pull down menu below, means we are sold out of that particular size or color. Most of our clothing items are never on backorder ~~ when they're gone, they're gone!  
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