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This lightweight maxi dress is fabulous!  Very full and comfortable and I love the way it just flows!  It has a V neckline and 3/4 inch sleeves.
The brown is rich like milk chocolate and the pink floral motif is compliments the brown so beautifully.  Love this color combo!
This dress was handmade in Bali.  Batik fabric is created by hand by Bali artists, 8 yards at a time, by using a process of applying wax and dye, one color at a time, then drying in the sun. The process then repeats for each color.  Amazing results!
This dress can be worn year around, from casual to career. Accessorize to change it up with different jewelry, jackets and belts.  So much potential for varying looks.
Fabric Care: 100% Washable Rayon, cold water, no bleach. HANG DRY!
Do not assume because you wear a certain size in one style that you will wear the same size in another style. Not all sizes are equal, even with the same label. PLEASE FOLLOW MEASURING GUIDELINES AFTER SIZING INFORMATION. 

1X/2X - 50-54" bust; 70" hips; 55" length 5X/6X -64-70" bust, 84" hips; 58" length
3X/4X - 56-62" bust; 76" hips; 58" length  7X/8X - 72-76" bust, 98" hips; 58" length
All measurements are approximate.

Model is 5' 4" and wearing size 1X/2X
In order for a great fit, please follow these measuring guidelines prior to placing your order: First, use a top or dress from your own closet for which the fit is perfect for you. Lay your top or dress out flat. Measure loosely across from armpit to armpit and double that measurement. This is your "Bust" measurement. If you are taking your actual bust measurement instead of measuring a garment, we generally recommend that you add 4" to your actual measurement. For example, if your bust measures around 50", you add 4" which would place your bust at 54". 8" below your bust measurement is your "waist". 9" below your waist measurement is your hips; or 17" from your armpit is your "hip" measurement. We provide you with approximate measurements of our items which you should look at before ordering your item. Again, we cannot stress enough that you order based on measuring, not on what you normally purchase from other clothing merchants. Please email us if you have sizing questions.
Sizes or colors not shown in the pull down menu below, means we are sold out of that particular size or color. Most of our clothing items are never on backorder ~~ when they're gone, they're gone


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