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All of our fabrics are firsts and of the highest quality.  We hand pick every fabric and design.  We look for "feel good" so that when you slip into that dress or top you feel the "ahhhhh". 
In most cases we have visited our manufacturing facilities and see first hand how they are making our designs and paying attention to the quality and attention to detail.  In most cases we are only making 18 pieces at a time - yes, this is across all size ranges!   We are not mass producing....
It has taken us two years to find a manufacturer who would work with us to bring us the quality fabrics and selection that we have been looking for!!  But we have found them & we are so excited! 
Everything from acrylic hand painted rayon fabrics with hibiscus, orchid and hawaiian floral's;  to cotton jersey, slinky, crinkle, denim, burn out velvet and more....
Most of our fabrics are washable.  Yes that includes our batik rayon's. Everything that is washable has been pre-washed.  You will not experience shrinkage!
Care instructions are listed on every label as well as detailed in the items description prior to purchase.
In some cases we do recommend dry cleaning.  Our silk, for example, will not be washable and requires special care.  Our victorian dress line, while in many cases are of washable fabrics, should be considered for special cleaning processes simply to maintain their elegance.
No.  Once the fabric is gone, it's gone!  That is what makes our items unique. 18 at a time, no two fabric runs are the same!  The exception to this is with our solid colors that you will find with our Victorian line and our Goth.  Often times we will repeat these colors, but even then you should expect dye variations.  Well... except for black. 
Well, let us take a few moments to explain.  The process of batiking is done by hand, approximately 8 yards of fabric at a time.  Outside in the sun of Bali Indonesia, the fabric is stretched to dry after having had a series of wax and dye applied using a copper template.  Even the template for the design has been crafted by hand as Bali Batik artists hand draw their patterns onto copper "CHOPS".
Each color in the fabric represents an application of wax and dye.  The wax is removed after each application of dye only to be repeated until the fabric is finished!
So just imagine the sense of pride that has gone into these fabrics....
...and we have not even touched on the hands-on creative designing of the garment itself!   


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