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Absolutely! ... if you follow our simple instructions on how to measure yourself at home and not just 'guess' based on other things you have purchased. Customers who put forth this little bit of effort on their part have been generously rewarded because they get an item that fits perfectly the first time!
BBW Boutique's sizing is based first on "Bust Size":

48-50": 1X
52-54": 2X
56-58": 3X
60-62": 4X
64-66": 5X
68-70": 6X
72-74": 7X
Now, simply follow the directions below to measure yourself at home the same way we measure "every single" item. We must emphasize that we do not rely on the manufacturer label as 'true to size'. We measure and size according to these approximate measurements. So, when you get your item at home and you see it has a 1X label on it when you ordered a 2X, if you measure as shown below, you will find that it falls within the bust category for our 2X above. See? Don't panic ;-) Unfortunately there is not a standard that every manufacturer adhears to, thus why this is important. A 1X from one company will not guarantee that another's will be of the same measurements.

Hips? ...oh yes, we do know the challenges of those dear hips! Each product description will typically have relevant hip measurements listed next to sizes. In some cases, the cut is such that hip measurements are not necessary for most. So write and ask us if this is a concern for you. We will measure away! This also goes for hemline and other areas of concern. Otherwise we make that information available on a product by product basis in the descriptions themselves.

  • First, Lay your top or dress out flat.
  • Measure loosely across from armpit to armpit and double that measurement. This is your "Bust" measurement.
  • If you are taking your actual bust measurement instead of measuring a garment, we generally recommend that you add 4" to your actual measurement. The tight or looseness of the fit you prefer is entirely up to you of course.
  • 8" below your bust measurement is your "waist".
  • 9" below your waist measurement is your "hips"; or
    17" from your armpit is your "hip" measurement
  • Remember when looking at slacks, your inseam is considered the measurement from the center seam of the crotch to the hemline of the pant seam.

The size of the garment on the mannequin may appear smaller due to our hanging technique or pinning the item back so it doesn't fall off. Unfortunately the mannequin industry thinks size 6 is the size we all are, NOT! Remember, because there are detailed measurements given for each garment, please go by the numbers. Write and ask questions! Often times we have been asked if our measurements are correct because the picture does not seemingly represent the size.
As always, if you have special needs - for any reason - write and tell us and we will be more than happy to work with you, Always! We want you to be satisfied with your purchase! We know first hand the unique challenges that Big Beautiful Women bodies encounter - we have them too!

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