Plus Size Fashions to a size 8X

Where you can be the woman you are, not the woman others want you to be! TM
Designers of Original Fashions for Plus Size by Plus Size Women in sizes 1X-7X

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Yes, our Lay-A-Way plan is for special people like you!  We understand that sometimes it is difficult to make those dream purchases, so we are willing to extend this special offer to appreciative people.  If you  would like to put an item on lay-a-way, email us and we will be happy to work with you under the following conditions:

A.  All payments are non-refundable.

B.  Keep your payment arrangements.  We let you set the time frame and simply require that you follow your promise to pay.  We believe that entering into this promise to pay, you really want the item and will do everything you can to keep your payment arrangements.

C.  Pay off your purchase within 45 days.  If final payment is not received by the 60th day after your initial deposit has been received,  you forfeit ALL payments and rights to the item.

D.  We are reasonable women and understand particular financial situations arise that are out of our control.  If you aren't able to make your payment in the time stipulated, let us know!  Don't let things wait only to lose your payments.  Communication is the key!

 E.  Email us prior to making your online purchase.  We want to make sure the lay-a-way plan is understood by you.  Once we've exchanged emails and given you the okay for your purchase, then we'll remove your item out of our online inventory and put it aside for you.  The item will be shipped to you upon receiving your last payment.
Our Lay-A-Way terms are available for purchases made directly from us.  We do not extend these terms to any auction or store item we may have listed on any website outside of

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