Plus Size Fashions to a size 8X

Where you can be the woman you are, not the woman others want you to be! TM
Designers of Original Fashions for Plus Size by Plus Size Women in sizes 1X-7X

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48-50": 1X
52-54": 2X
56-58": 3X
60-62": 4X
64-66": 5X
68-70": 6X
72-74": 7X

BBW Boutique's sizing
is based first on "Bust Size"



Hips? ...oh yes, we do know the challenges of those dear hips! Each product description will typically have relevant hip measurements listed next to sizes. In some cases, the cut is such that hip measurements are not necessary for most. So write  and ask us if this is a concern for you. We will measure away! This also goes for hemline and other areas of concern. Otherwise we make that information available on a product by product basis in the descriptions themselves.

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